The best way to terminate your employee without breaking their spirit

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Each time your review the performance of your employees you are likely going to find a hand full of them that are not meeting up to the requirement of your organization. You might also find some persons that have failed to improve even after being coached.

One thing, you need to have at the back of your mind as a boss is that your business always comes first. So, if a particular staff is not hitting the mark and you have tried to help him several times, the best option will be to let him go.

Of course, terminating the employment of a staff is never easy. The process has to be carefully planned and human resources are to be used as often as possible. The responsibility to terminate the employment of an employee is the job of the manager, not any other person.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some tips that will aid you as a business owner to terminate the employment of a staff who is not doing too well, without breaking his spirit.

Go straight to the point

Be focused, there is no need beating around the bush or trying to sugar coat the what you want to tell him. One thing you must never do is to take a staff you want to fire for lunch or a movie for the purpose of firing him there. If you do this is he is definitely going to feel betrayed.

Below is a step by step guide on the best way to fire a staff

  • Welcome your staff and tell him to take a sit. At this moment the staff you are about to fire is likely going to be confused. Put him out of his misery by uttering these statements –I have a very bad news for you.
  • State the reason why you are terminating him in a single sentence
  • Say that it is your duty as to let him know that his employment has been terminated. Do not make the mistake of saying that his employment will be terminated.
  • Tell him what is going to happen to him next- unused vacation time, pay, references and so forth.
  • Close by sincerely thanking him for all his contributions.
  • You should also be prepared to answer any question he is going to ask because you won’t be able to say that you will get back to him.

If you follow the procedure stated in this article, everything is going to go smoothly and the staff you are about to fire may end up thanking you for all you have done him over the years.